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  1. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】文化自觉:广东“大非遗”工作格局逐步建立
  2. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】“畅炫梦想”广州企业文化外来务工人员(子女)文艺大赛总决赛落幕
  3. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】青春少年舞羊城,狮礼狮德颂中华
  4. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】那套刷爆朋友圈的“鳌鱼仔”DIY贺卡集齐全套了吗?原来萌图背后有玄机
  5. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】苏英敏的“叛逆”传承,打造颠覆传统的“西关打铜”
  1. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】非遗传承的“活力”源于文化认同
  2. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】“24节气水墨画”助申遗成功,他又瞄准了诗经、本草纲目
  3. 【喜迎十九大•文脉颂中华】作为文化圈里的资深吃货,他把广州美食画进了漫画
  4. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】非遗上直播:传承也需与时俱进
  5. 【喜迎十九大·文脉颂中华】“2017年白云山郑仙诞旅游文化周”圆满落幕
    1. What?! Models sharing the runway with lions during Guangdong Fashion Week?

      Dancing lions and models walked the catwalk, all the while accompanied by the melodious strains of the Chinese Zither, saw Cantonese cultural heritage collide headlong with contemporary fashion. The Dongguan Original Costume Design Project - an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ Conference was staged at the Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition & Trade Center on August 23 during the Guangdong Fashion Week Autumn session 2017.
    2. Enjoying the Qiqiao Festival in Guangzhou

      The Qiqiao or Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, falls on August 28 this year. This day refers to the seventh day of the seven month in the lunar calendar every year. It is also called “the birthday of seven sisters”, “the birthday of seven fairies” or “the worship of seven fairies” in Guangzhou.
    1. New Guangdong Culture Center to improve public cultural service

      In a 530-square meter exhibition room, you can view several hundreds of intangible cultural heritages from Cantonese, Hakka and Chaoshan subgroups of the Han nationality as well as several minorities in Guangdong.
    2. Gaozhou craftsman makes paper boats for Nian Li celebrations

      In the first and second months of lunar calendar, Nian Li is being celebrated around the city of Maoming. For Master Liu Weijin who is specialized in making paper boat for Nian Li celebration, he is extremely busy during this period.
    1. Xinyi Piaose: a unique art based in west Guangdong
    2. Gaozhou puppet show: tiny stage, huge enthusiasm
    3. A crush on Nansha Gambiered Canton Gauze
    4. GD government and people make joint efforts to protect heritage
    5. Guangdong to launch over 210 intangible cultural heritage activities this weekend
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